Traditional tannery Conceria located in Tuscany, apart of a group of tanneries that still use traditional vegetable tanning techniques passed down from hundreds of years ago. By using these methods the are able to respect the land, the animals and traditions of leather making.

Vegetable tanning embodies the past and future of leatherworking, as it is a perpetual blend of science, tradition, and innovation. With the heritage of expert artisans, developments of modern technology, and use of natural materials, the vegetable tanning process is also eco-friendly with minimal pollutants. Vegetable tanning creates amazing skins that are soft of supple and are unlike any other type of tanning processes by using natural materials such as fruits, leaves and tree bark. The processes helps protect the skin and since there’s no uses of harsh chemicals the natural oils help the skin age well and look beautiful for years. 

Every skin is different and beautiful in it’s own way. No two skins are a like.