Cockpit Arts

Hey there! Want to learn a bit more about Nette’? Stick around! We’ll tell you all about our cozy little studio here at Cockpit Arts. Nette’ is based out of Cockpit Arts in London tucked away in the busy business hub of Holborn. Cockpit is an artistic oasis for those seeking a unique business oriented creative space. Cockpit is an award winning small business incubator with a vested interest in supporting independent makers and craftspeople expand their businesses and products. Each maker is given a studio space and encouraged to design and create as much as possible. Additionally, makers are offered professional advice to apply towards growing their professional brand and image. This unique combination of creative and professional support creates a fast paced, growth minded studio space perfect for small businesses like us! Cockpit was founded in 1989, and has since served as a space for designers and makers from all over the UK to grow both professionally and creatively. Cockpit supports artists of all mediums from print, to leather, to metal to mosaic. Twice a year, the studios are opened to the public in Cockpit’s Open Studios event. Open Studios works to connect London’s community with their local independent makers and designers. Want to know more? Check it out at 

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