Thomas Cycle Saddle Bag.

Thomas Cycle Saddle Bag.



 w. 6 ¾  h. 5 ½  d. 5 ½ 

The classic Thomas Saddle bag is a traditional leather cycling bag that you would find in your grandparents attic. It’s been designed to keep the old traditional feel, but adjusted for modern life to fit your essential cycling needs. Made from soft supple Italian vegetable tanned leather from the beautiful region of Tuscany. The Thomas Saddle Bag can be attached to the seat of your saddle (either on hook on the back or rails under the seat) with two straps, and a third strap to wrap around your seat post. 

The perfect accessory for cyclist wants a bag that can with stand all types of riding conditions. At nette'. we know everyone's needs are different, so if you would like to get a saddle bag to your needs, get in touch for your very own made-to-order.

Available in a variety of colors.

 Nette’ leather goods are modern classic that offer you quality product that’s beauty improves with age. 


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